AI consultancy services

  • Offering a deep understanding and keen foresight within this fast moving field
  • Helping design the best cloud architecture for a variety of generative AI projects
  • Creating innovative and effective RAG solutions
  • Architecting complex multi-agent AI orchestration systems
  • Navigating the exploding landscape of foundation LLMs
  • Analysing business processes to see where AI can give the highest ROI

Fractional CTO

  • Leading from within - the player coach
  • Recruiting, mentoring and growing a strong dev team through respect
  • Implementing industry standard dev ops and dev management practices
  • Effortlessly explaining complex tech to non-technical stakeholders
  • Understanding the business needs and helping guide the roadmap to fit

Fractional CTO consultant for generative AI startups in Sydney, Australia

Web / Mobile Architect

  • Defining and designing the full technology stack
  • Bringing to bear decades of best practice experience
  • Laying strong, scalable foundations for growth
  • Avoiding pitfalls and the common traps of startups

Hired Gun Developer

  • 10x developer with four decades of honed skills
  • Rapid production of extremely high quality code
  • Minimal to zero specification detail required
  • Effortless wielding of complex design patterns
  • Extensibility, testability, clarity